Sitzmark Ceiling

Girdwood, Alaska

Painting 3,000 sq ft. of ceiling took approximately 18 gallons of paint, 1,500 ft of silver bead strands, 65 disco balls, 4 weeks and the keys to the building.

The project began in 2012 at the Sitzmark during après ski beers with John Byrne, the Resort Owner. John was ready to breath another decade of life into the historic structure and improving the sound quality was his first investment. One solution was to install a skin of MDO boards on the ceiling with holes and air spaces to trap sound. I was commissioned to decorate the wood panels using acrylic paint, beads, disco balls and protection enamel.

For a nighttime entertainment experience I applied a layer of black light paint to the designs. As day turns to night, and the blacklight bulbs are turned on, the daytime art disappears and there is an entirely new dimension to the venue.

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