1% Mural, Girdwood School


My proposal was to create a permanent testimony to the surroundings that shape us as a community. Girdwood is nestled in the northern-most rainforest in North America, surrounded by mountains, glaciers, rivers, and wildlife. Along with school and education having a physical and mental impact on our youth, so does the natural environment we live in every day.

The long, thin soffit dimensions become a medium for ideal storytelling; the story of our unique valley. From spring hemlock forests to winter snowfall, from summer wildflowers to rainforest king boletes, from a grizzly bear family to spawning salmon,  I used paints to portray our alluring landscape. My concept transitions thru the year-round seasons using vibrant colors, organic movement and Girdwood landmarks with a whimsical whole-hearted style. The joy of contributing to a public collection such as this is a revered opportunity for me.