About the Artist, Dawn Gerety

Dawn Gerety
I was born in Sydney, Australia and raised across the globe in Girdwood, Alaska.  From sculpture to pottery, wood working to jewelry making, and painting to fused glass, I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember.

I pursued my dream of supporting myself through art by earning a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Colorado-Boulder in Environmental Design with a minor in Art History.  After college, I put my education to use by working at Bradley Reid Communications as a Graphic Designer in the Art Department.

I loved telling a story in just a thumbnail but felt something was missing from my creative outlet so I took a deep breath and plunged into sole proprietorship as ‘Art Seriously’.  While still creating logos and annual reports for customers, I started dedicating my time to storytelling on canvas.

As a lifelong Alaskan, I’m moved by the natural splendor that has surrounded me my entire life – mountains, wildlife, rivers, wildflowers and outdoor activities. I paint these images and create my own language with a swipe of color or a rigid line of dots. I inject a fiercely whimsical vitality to Alaskan icons the only way I know how.

I can’t explain how I arrive at the stylized animal forms or layered organic elements, I just know it makes me happy.

Artist Resume


University of Colorado, Boulder, 1992
College of Environmental Design, Bachelors Degree, Minor in Art History

Painting Sabbatical (13 Months)
Australia Jan. 2011 – Jan. 2012
Traveled solo for 13 months circumnavigating the continent of Australia and capturing wildlife, people and landscapes with over 200 paintings

Alaska Representation
Sevigny Gallery, Anchorage
Slacktide Gallery, Girdwood
Forests, Tides & Treasure, Seward
Jack Sprat Restaurant, Girdwood
Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, Alaska Range

Artwork Highlights
1% for Art Mural Award for Gladys Woods Elementary School Renovation 2019
Design, paint and install a mural for the newly renovated “winter” hallway. My mural is called “Visions of Winter in the Chugach” and includes vibrant visual elements in the boreal forest that are recognized for evolving and surviving this season.

1% for Art Mural Award for the Nome State Office Building Renovation 2017
Design, paint and install a mural for the main entrance stairwell in the building. My mural is called “Reasons to Dance” and shows the unique subsistence resources available in the region.

1% for Art Mural Award for the Girdwood Fire Station Renovation 2017
Design, paint and install a mural for the kitchen area. My concept was inspired by the significant challenges and rewards our fire and EMS personnel experience while managing emergencies in the Turnagain Arm area

Anchorage Parade of Bears 2016
The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center commissioned me to decorate a life size bear sculpture. My concept was inspired by the food items found in a brown bears diet including razor clams, salmon, berries and more.

1% for Art Mural Award for the Girdwood School Renovation 2015
Design, paint and install a 50ft x 3ft mural on the soffit above the entrance to the school library. The design visually tells the story of the Girdwood Valley landscapes transitioning thru the year-round seasons using vibrant colors, organic movement and Girdwood landmarks.

Alaska Railroad, Anchorage 2014
Commission to create the annual commemorative print celebrating the railroad as part of Alaska’s history.

The Sitzmark Bar & Grill, Girdwood 2012
Painting of panels to cover the ceiling, 1600+ sq ft. Designs were applied with acrylic paint, blacklight paint, beads and protection enamel. Requirements included that holes be incorporated into the design as a sound-absorbing solution during live music events.

Wild Salmon on Parade/ACVB, Anchorage 2007
Creator of “Tommy Roe” inspired by Alaskan Olympian Tommy Moe

Wholesale Distribution
Coloring books, prints, cards and stickers available: www.artseriously.com/wholesale

Color Me! An Alaska animal coloring workbook (40 pages) Self-published 2013

Art Licensing
Catalog: issuu.com/artseriously/docs/dawngerety_artcatalog

In the Workplace

Art Seriously, Owner
Freelance Visual Artist 2012 – Present
Independent Graphic Designer and Illustrator May 2006 – 2010

Solstice Advertising
Vice President and Creative Director Feb. 2005 – May 2006

Generating Designs, Owner
Independent Graphic Designer and Illustrator Jan. 1998 – Feb. 2005

Bradley/Reid Communications
Art Director Dec. 1994 – Aug. 1997